Waiting is Hard. Really, Really Hard!

Written by Tad

I’m going to pick up where I left off in my first post…what do we do now?  We wait!

It’s been about two weeks since our last post, yet it has felt more like two months.  Are any of you like me?  It takes you a little bit of time to make a decision, but once you do…”Let’s go!  Make it happen.  Right now.”  The problem with this mindset is that God is often smiling down saying, “Haha!  Bad news…it ain’t happening when YOU want.  It’ll happen when I know the time is right.”

As I pray daily, I ask God to give me peace and patience in all things, but especially with our adoption.  One of the things He has continually reminded me of is that we are waiting because He is working. He knows the exact situation and circumstances that will lead us to Baby Sherman. If we try to rush the process or press for something that’s not a part of His ultimate plan, then we may never be united with him/her. Who are we to try to speed up the process and be matched with a baby that God may have identified for another adoptive family? And how devastating to think that had we rushed things, we may have missed out on meeting the baby that God specifically chose for us.  As hard as waiting is, this reminder is always followed by a deep breath while saying, “Okay, God.  I get it.”

And just when I say that, He shows up and gives us little reminders that things are moving along at HIS pace, not ours. The great thing when you want to hurry things along and it’s not happening is when you get those little updates that just make you smile and remind you that as slowly as it may go, any forward movement is one step closer to us meeting our baby.

So what are those little updates…

  1. Home Study: The only part of our home study that is left are the actual home visits. Unfortunately, things are backed up and many places are not taking new home study applications.  However, we got an email this week that we have been assigned with a social worker 🙂 We’re excited to hear from her and can’t wait to get our first visit scheduled.
  1. Profile Book: We received our first draft of our full profile book.  We had already gotten to see the written portions, but now we’ve seen a digital copy of the actual book. It’s 28 pages! It really is pretty amazing and was another reminder of a small step in the right direction.  Hopefully soon we can share that publicly with all of you.  

Waiting is often one of the hardest parts of the adoption process, and we are thankful for the little reminders along the way that the wait is worth it.  Ironically, a story was posted today in the group we belong to on Facebook, “Adoption is Beautiful”, that was on this exact topic – “Waiting”. The new adoptive mother shared in her story:

“As we approached a year of being “in the wait” and countless “not yets;” in His perfect time, almost nine months exactly from our first time presenting, we got our YES! When I had the absolute honor to speak with our son’s birth mom, she told me “I am so glad the others didn’t choose you, because I know you were meant for me.” I can without a doubt, 100 percent, tell you that we would not change a single thing that led us to this child we are blessed to call our own.”

God sure does provide us with perfectly timed reminders of His goodness!

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