Adoption Update | Be a “Piece” of Baby Sherman’s Story

Adoption is a costly endeavor. However, we’ve come to understand that the dollar signs and commas on the dreaded fee sheets have a good and necessary purpose. It’s what it will take to bridge the gap between Baby Sherman and us. When we first decided to adopt, one of the things that we wrestled over was whether or not we would do any fundraising. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to. There aren’t many things more humbling than asking other people for help. It’s uncomfortable, it’s vulnerable, and it feels awkward. The more we have sought the Lord and prayed about it, the more we understand that it isn’t about asking people for money but asking them to be a part of Baby Sherman’s beautiful story.

As we’ve shared previously, we are in the early stages of our adoption journey, but we are officially Home Study approved and “active” with several adoption agencies. Through our consultant, we are immediately active with three agencies. In addition, we’ve applied to three others (recommended by our consultant) that we hope to be active with by sometime next week. Being “active” means that agencies will now be able to start sending us situations to review, and our profile book will be shown to birth mothers considering adoption. It’s getting real now and we are so excited to see how this story unfolds!

We don’t know how long this journey will be. Only God does. It could happen very quickly and be an “Angel Drop” situation where a baby has just been born and needs a family at a moment’s notice, or it could take a while for us to be matched.

Here is where you come into the picture… or the puzzle. While we wait on God’s plans and timing for our adoption, we have decided to launch a puzzle fundraiser.

We have selected a 520-piece puzzle that represents our adoption journey.

On the front, an original piece of artwork was created by our good friend, Christine Brady. She shared:

“The writing in the background (in my handwriting) is a broad overview of salvation history and how God blesses the nations through His people, and how His overall plan prevails; how God is in control and working all things for good. The map is of the Middle East, where Israel is, because through this promise God made made to Israel, He blessed the world (as we see in Genesis 12:2).”

We chose the verse from Jeremiah 29:11 to remind our child that even though they may face difficulties in life, God’s promises are still true. He is faithful and will lead them through whatever trials they may face.

On the back of the puzzle, a different kind of original artwork will be created… 520 names.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You can “adopt” a piece for $25 that will go directly towards bringing Baby Sherman home.
  2. You can adopt 1, 2, 3, or 10 pieces! There is no limit!
  3. After you have adopted your piece(s), we will write your name on the back. For anyone who has already donated, your names will be the first that we add to the puzzle. 🙂 For multiple pieces, we can put your name (or your family- ex: Sherman Family) on all of them, or you can designate pieces for each member of your family. For example: If you donate $100, we’ll write your name on 4 puzzle pieces.
  4. We will begin assembling the puzzle as soon as we have enough pieces adopted and will provide progress updates along the way.
  5. Once all the puzzle pieces have been adopted, we will glue it together and place it in a double-sided glass frame that will be displayed in Baby Sherman’s nursery.

We believe this puzzle will not only represent the many people who helped bring Baby Sherman home, but it will be a beautiful reminder throughout their life that they are loved by many.

Ways you can “adopt” a puzzle piece:

  • Visit our GoFundMe website and tap “Donate Now”. If the amount is higher than $25 and there are specific names you want displayed on the puzzle pieces, please include that in the comments of your donation.

We will continue to provide updates as Baby Sherman’s puzzle comes together! Thank you for your continued support and prayers. We appreciate you!